Hi there 👋

I’m Gisele Muller Sasso. Wife, mom, Jazzercise instructor, aspiring writer and occasional runner. I’m a Brazilian currently living in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA.

I moved to the United States in 2011 after a project my husband and I launched together got some attention from TechCrunch and opened a few doors. Many years, a kid and a mortgage later I’m pretty happy with how things turned out.

For the past three years, I’ve been dedicating myself to motherhood while also working on some occasional freelance writing and translation projects. I was able to enjoy the best of both worlds. I have a business degree and worked for a few big companies back in the day. I love writing and I’m passionate about dancing.

How do you combine these?

You become a Jazzercise instructor to fulfill your dance related dreams. You mix the corporate background and writing skills and start managing side projects and writing copy for websites and blogs.

You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram . And I’m working up the courage to publish all my writing on Medium one of these days. Keep you posted.